Adapting to Little Doodles

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In English class today, we all created an award called the „adaptable mind“ award. The one I created looks like this:


I choose to make it a person with an open brain. The brain represents the mind, which is open because it can be adapted and is ‚open minded‘. There are thoughts coming out of it, because it is openand the thoughts are flowing freely.

I chose to award Annebelle from the blog Little Doodles. I chose her because her blog is very free, and she has some great thoughts and ideas on her blog. To me, adaptable means to be open, and open minded to new ideas. Annabelle’s blog shows that through out most of her posts.

Go and check out her blog:

Little Doodles




Creating Comments

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To prepare for an assessment that is coming up very soon, we were set the task of creating a visual response to an idea that we could choose. We were put into groups, I was very happy to work with Ottelien, and we chose the idea „Creative Comments.“ We spent a few minutes talking about what theme we wanted to express as well as what we wanted the pictures to look like.

We chose the theme:

Photo on 21-09-15 at 10.34 #2

And we designed one of the pictures to look like this:

Photo on 21-09-15 at 10.34

The day after, we took the pictures edited them, and then wrote the rationale to support it.

Click to see the creative comments pictures


„For our Practice assessment, we decided to use the idea of ‘Creative Comments’ to create a range of picture, based on this idea. Creative comments are the elements that should be kept in mind when participating in group discussions, and they are especially designed for when you are commenting online, such as commenting on blog posts.

We decided to take our pictures using ourselves as models because we can become any shape and we can perform any mood using just our body, compared to action or lego figures. We used the compositional rule of thirds because we wanted to make the photos look more interesting and appealing to the eye. We decided to use the black and white filter because we wanted to keep it basic and very simple, to help show the clear image and only letting the eye concentrate on the silhouette, and not focusing on colours and material. We were trying to convey the theme of communication through our photo series. We used a very bold, open, and exciting tone through our photo series because we thought this would get the viewer more interested in looking at our photo’s and understand what we are trying to say. In the image of Encourage we used a very kind tone you can see this by looking at Julie’s face but also at the way she is posing, with her hands resembling a heart. We want the audience to feel inspired to be respectful after looking at our photo series.“

This was a really fun project, it was (really) entertaining taking the pictures and I am quite proud of how it turned out.



A Location for Transformation

Hello World,


I mostly used this picture with that specific quote, because I didn’t know how to introduce this post’s theme; transformation. Not only did we this week read and analyse a short story called ‘Getting Closer’ we also looked at the idea of transformation.

When I look back at the previous short stories, I see a repeated theme of “transformation” but that is not what this blog post is about, well, it’s about transformation, but in a different perspective, not through the short stories.

I chose three examples of transformation, and used these to explore a deeper idea.

This video is originally from a Thai insurance company, and it has been going around social media a lot because it is very cute, inspiring and morally correct. Personally, I find it touching, but also extreme, but it gets the message through. But this video relates to transformation in many different ways, such as the very basics: the dog’s hunger transforms, the plants grows, the girl gets to go to school and therefore transforms. The next ‘layer’ of transformation, is how the main character transforms. He learns to appreciate what he has and learns empathy. The transformation in this commercial is very physical, learningful and somehow emotional, through either how some of the object grow physically or how they grow through learning about others and others’ feelings. These are all the connected to emotionally growing.


When talking about transformation, there are many kinds of transformations. There are physical transformations, maybe you lose weight, maybe you grow. As humans, we experience a slight physical transformation, it’s so small that we don’t notice it, but you can see it over time. Maybe some people would describe this as ‘growing’? Which transformation potentially is, either you physically grow or you grow through learning. Anything that becomes a different version of itself, that is a transformation. As seen in the picture above, there is a butterfly, it shows the stereotypical image for transformation. To me it also resembles the fact that you can’t always control that you are being transformed, and that transformation doesn’t always happen overnight, it’s a long process.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 20.11.24

  1. “What transforms this world is – knowledge. Do you see what I mean? Nothing else can change anything in this world. Knowledge alone is capable of transforming the world, while at the same time leaving it exactly as it it. When you look at the world with knowledge, you realise things are unchangeable and at the same time are constantly being transformed.” – Yukio Mishima, The Temple of the Golden Pavilion

I think this quote emphasises the power of our capability as humans, rather than transformation. It describes how we can transform the world with just our knowledge, and nothing else can make the world change as we can. I think it’s a powerful quote without being poetic, which leaves less questions unanswered. After reading this, I stumble on questions such as ‘in what context did Yukio say this in?’ and ‘what message did he want us to get from it?’ Maybe he wanted to say that we still have time and ability to change the world we live in now, maybe we can still transform the planet from a mess to a paradise?

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 20.12.48

  1. Scared and sacred are spelled with the same letters. Awful proceeds from the same root at awesome. Terrify and terrific. Every negative experience holds the seed of transformation.” – Alan Cohen

This quote is very inspiring, it relates to the idea of when life gives you lemons, make lemonade because it says how all negative experiences could be a change for transformation. It’s an interesting quote because it’s so simple, but ever so inspiring. To me, this inspires me to take the negative moments lighter, because I can learn from them, which is very true. Just like the previous quote, I still have questions. Was this quote thought of, did he practice it, did he write it, or did he just say it and someone was like “Hey, I’m gonna quote you on that, that was just pure gold! Thanks Alan!”? Or am I being too dramatic? idk.


Well, whatever happens, we live in a world that is being transformed every second, at the same time, we are also being transformed, both me and you.



Too Cool for Creativity

Hello World,

This week has been all about creativity and we were challenged to think out of the box and come up with new ideas.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 21.13.19

  1. One norm that helped our group the most, is the ‘providing data’. I was debating with myself whether to choose ‘providing data’ or ‘putting ideas on the table’. And I found that one can’t work without the other. If everyone puts ideas on the table, but you don’t have any data to help the ideas, then what good is there in that? Therefore I chose ‘providing data’ because then you just need one idea, and then you can with the data create the final product.
  1. Someone who to me represents these norms, would be my previous EAL teacher. He always used these norms to either make me feel better, help me to get on with my work or just when we generally talked. I do think he knew what he was doing, and he did it all purposely, but it definitely helped without actually knowing it would help me.
  1. I feel like I already actively use many of these norms, such as asking questions so that people can expand their thinking. I also believe that I actively pay attention to others and presume positive intentions. I want to be better at putting more ideas on the table because it might open my viewpoint, as well as others’, and therefore for all of us to be more open minded. And, we have “an ocean of ideas to surf in” 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 20.33.16

  1. When you think creatively, you most likely have original and interesting ideas, even though you might not know, or you might not think so. To me, the Done Manifesto allows creativity to be individual and welcomes imperfection. It states that it’s important to just get done, then it doesn’t matter if it’s perfect. To me, I see some good points of this, and I also see some points that to me should be changed.

I think it does a great job creating open room for creativity, saying that if you have an idea, get it out there, don’t think too much about it. I totally support that, and I also believe in open creativity, and thinking creatively.

But, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I can’t handle not having done my best, or feeling that I could have done even better than I did. I think I do this because I’m a person who enjoys reflecting. Therefore, I don’t feel the satisfaction when I just get done, I want to be done after I have done my very, very best.

Can I combine this? Yes, I can focus on getting done, then with my own judgement, I can choose to continue and expand my ideas, and look at them with a critical eye. Maybe that’s what creativity is really about? Being creative enough to create more on top of your own creativity.

(also, I used the word “create” ten times…well, now eleven :))

Check it out yourself, here The Done Manifesto

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 20.37.30

  1. This week, one of our main projects was making a song using the topic of a short that we read. Our group (Annebelle, Danny, Chanine and me) found that the story was about depression, vulnerability, the experience of the human world and affecting. To combine these ideas we decided to show depression through the music by making it slow in the tempo and somehow sad in the instrument choice. We also decided to base the song around ‘dominos’ because they affect each other, in case one falls, the rest will go down as well, therefore they are also vulnerable. Through the lyrics we incorporated the experience of the human world through the reactions to the dominos and how one wants them to keep standing. We sadly didn’t get to record the song, but here is the lyrics:

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 14.40.14

That was it for now, I hope the rest of your day will be great 🙂



The Very First Thought

Hello World,


This poster in an example of what visual notes could look like. After our group, who consisted of Annebelle, Danny and me, watched a film, we made this poster illustrating that you have a choice. Such as when you are shopping, and it’s late and all you want to do, is to go home. You get angry and you find everyone is in your way. You can choose to let your anger control you, and only think about yourself. Or, you can choose to imagine how other people feel. Everyone wants to go home, just like you, and the poster illustrates that that is the choice you have.

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 14.37.15

This card is another example of visual notes. It answers the question „What do you think school is about?“ using the sentence „I used to think___, but now I think___“ What I am trying to say, is that I used to think school was only about education, learning how to read and write, and to learn mathematics. But now I think that school is about preparing you for the future. Learning about yourself, others and the environment.

This is a link to an iStopmotion film that Liya, Merije and I made. It is a interpretation of the story „Through the Tunnel“ In the story, the boy is growing through different stages of learning. We showed that by making the boy a snowball who then grows into a complete snowman.

Over the past two weeks in english class, I have learned a few things, either about myself, others or the english language in general. Here are my top five things:

  1. I have learned about the idea of „visual notes“ a term I have used before, but never knew how to use it beneficially.
  2. I have learned new ways of interpreting the story „though the tunnel“ such as colours and new ideas for the theme.
  3. I have learned how to create an iStop motion film.
  4. I learned that I am a person who enjoys being creative and using colours and shapes and the idea of visual notes to express myself.
  5. finally, I met new people, and learned about them, and hopefully made some friends.

That was my very first thought about the first two weeks in English class, I hope you enjoyed reading it.



„There She Is“

Hello World,

Do you know those thoughts that you want to get out, but don’t know where? Either because they don’t seem treasurable or because you don’t know where to put them? I know that feeling. That’s why I created a blog. So let me introduce you to the Thoughts of Jules, a place where I can express those thoughts that don’t have a home yet. This is a new adventure for me, and you can join if you want, but I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts, as much as I enjoy writing them.