The Very First Thought

Hello World,


This poster in an example of what visual notes could look like. After our group, who consisted of Annebelle, Danny and me, watched a film, we made this poster illustrating that you have a choice. Such as when you are shopping, and it’s late and all you want to do, is to go home. You get angry and you find everyone is in your way. You can choose to let your anger control you, and only think about yourself. Or, you can choose to imagine how other people feel. Everyone wants to go home, just like you, and the poster illustrates that that is the choice you have.

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 14.37.15

This card is another example of visual notes. It answers the question „What do you think school is about?“ using the sentence „I used to think___, but now I think___“ What I am trying to say, is that I used to think school was only about education, learning how to read and write, and to learn mathematics. But now I think that school is about preparing you for the future. Learning about yourself, others and the environment.

This is a link to an iStopmotion film that Liya, Merije and I made. It is a interpretation of the story „Through the Tunnel“ In the story, the boy is growing through different stages of learning. We showed that by making the boy a snowball who then grows into a complete snowman.

Over the past two weeks in english class, I have learned a few things, either about myself, others or the english language in general. Here are my top five things:

  1. I have learned about the idea of „visual notes“ a term I have used before, but never knew how to use it beneficially.
  2. I have learned new ways of interpreting the story „though the tunnel“ such as colours and new ideas for the theme.
  3. I have learned how to create an iStop motion film.
  4. I learned that I am a person who enjoys being creative and using colours and shapes and the idea of visual notes to express myself.
  5. finally, I met new people, and learned about them, and hopefully made some friends.

That was my very first thought about the first two weeks in English class, I hope you enjoyed reading it.




6 Gedanken zu “The Very First Thought

  1. Wow, Jules. This is a wonderful way to start your blog. You are a clear and thoughtful writer. The photos you embedded here are great quality, we can really see the work. Keep up this great work, and you should consider entering for an EDUblog student award this year (we will talk more about that in class). To help you level up with visual note taking, check out the great book called „The Doodle Revolution“ by Sunni Brown during DEAR time. I have three copies of the book in our classroom.
    Ms. Friedman

    Gefällt mir

  2. Hi Julie!
    I love the way that you have laid out your first blog post, it has inspired me to do similar things. I especially like your descriptiveness, and the fact that everything looks trendy and appealing. You have done amazing work, and I’m sure it’ll inspire more than just me.
    Makala 🙂

    Gefällt mir

  3. Hi Julie!
    I love the way your blog is so detailed and so well structured. I also love the way you wrote it like a letter. I’m going to „steal like an artist“ and take your idea of writing my blog like a letter. Thanks so much for inspiring me!
    Sincerely, Sophia

    Gefällt mir

  4. Hi, Julie!
    I am so impressed by your blog post! It is so detailed and well put together. I absolutely love the organization and picture quality. So much so, that I think that I will try to apply that to my own blog. Great job!

    Gefällt mir

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