Too Cool for Creativity

Hello World,

This week has been all about creativity and we were challenged to think out of the box and come up with new ideas.

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  1. One norm that helped our group the most, is the ‘providing data’. I was debating with myself whether to choose ‘providing data’ or ‘putting ideas on the table’. And I found that one can’t work without the other. If everyone puts ideas on the table, but you don’t have any data to help the ideas, then what good is there in that? Therefore I chose ‘providing data’ because then you just need one idea, and then you can with the data create the final product.
  1. Someone who to me represents these norms, would be my previous EAL teacher. He always used these norms to either make me feel better, help me to get on with my work or just when we generally talked. I do think he knew what he was doing, and he did it all purposely, but it definitely helped without actually knowing it would help me.
  1. I feel like I already actively use many of these norms, such as asking questions so that people can expand their thinking. I also believe that I actively pay attention to others and presume positive intentions. I want to be better at putting more ideas on the table because it might open my viewpoint, as well as others’, and therefore for all of us to be more open minded. And, we have “an ocean of ideas to surf in” 🙂

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  1. When you think creatively, you most likely have original and interesting ideas, even though you might not know, or you might not think so. To me, the Done Manifesto allows creativity to be individual and welcomes imperfection. It states that it’s important to just get done, then it doesn’t matter if it’s perfect. To me, I see some good points of this, and I also see some points that to me should be changed.

I think it does a great job creating open room for creativity, saying that if you have an idea, get it out there, don’t think too much about it. I totally support that, and I also believe in open creativity, and thinking creatively.

But, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I can’t handle not having done my best, or feeling that I could have done even better than I did. I think I do this because I’m a person who enjoys reflecting. Therefore, I don’t feel the satisfaction when I just get done, I want to be done after I have done my very, very best.

Can I combine this? Yes, I can focus on getting done, then with my own judgement, I can choose to continue and expand my ideas, and look at them with a critical eye. Maybe that’s what creativity is really about? Being creative enough to create more on top of your own creativity.

(also, I used the word “create” ten times…well, now eleven :))

Check it out yourself, here The Done Manifesto

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  1. This week, one of our main projects was making a song using the topic of a short that we read. Our group (Annebelle, Danny, Chanine and me) found that the story was about depression, vulnerability, the experience of the human world and affecting. To combine these ideas we decided to show depression through the music by making it slow in the tempo and somehow sad in the instrument choice. We also decided to base the song around ‘dominos’ because they affect each other, in case one falls, the rest will go down as well, therefore they are also vulnerable. Through the lyrics we incorporated the experience of the human world through the reactions to the dominos and how one wants them to keep standing. We sadly didn’t get to record the song, but here is the lyrics:

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 14.40.14

That was it for now, I hope the rest of your day will be great 🙂




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