Creating Comments

Hello World,

To prepare for an assessment that is coming up very soon, we were set the task of creating a visual response to an idea that we could choose. We were put into groups, I was very happy to work with Ottelien, and we chose the idea „Creative Comments.“ We spent a few minutes talking about what theme we wanted to express as well as what we wanted the pictures to look like.

We chose the theme:

Photo on 21-09-15 at 10.34 #2

And we designed one of the pictures to look like this:

Photo on 21-09-15 at 10.34

The day after, we took the pictures edited them, and then wrote the rationale to support it.

Click to see the creative comments pictures


„For our Practice assessment, we decided to use the idea of ‘Creative Comments’ to create a range of picture, based on this idea. Creative comments are the elements that should be kept in mind when participating in group discussions, and they are especially designed for when you are commenting online, such as commenting on blog posts.

We decided to take our pictures using ourselves as models because we can become any shape and we can perform any mood using just our body, compared to action or lego figures. We used the compositional rule of thirds because we wanted to make the photos look more interesting and appealing to the eye. We decided to use the black and white filter because we wanted to keep it basic and very simple, to help show the clear image and only letting the eye concentrate on the silhouette, and not focusing on colours and material. We were trying to convey the theme of communication through our photo series. We used a very bold, open, and exciting tone through our photo series because we thought this would get the viewer more interested in looking at our photo’s and understand what we are trying to say. In the image of Encourage we used a very kind tone you can see this by looking at Julie’s face but also at the way she is posing, with her hands resembling a heart. We want the audience to feel inspired to be respectful after looking at our photo series.“

This was a really fun project, it was (really) entertaining taking the pictures and I am quite proud of how it turned out.




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