A view from the Bridge

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A little bit of practice for my upcoming exam…


‘A View From the Bridge’ is written by Arthur Miller in 1955, set in the Big Apple. This specific extract is in act two of the play. Eddie is asking for advice from Alfieri, the lawyer, because his niece has found an Italian immigrant who Eddie believes isn’t good enough for her, though there is some history and feelings behind his opinion. This extract gives the story two clear directions to go. Either Eddie can follow Alfieri’s advice, which is to leave her alone, or, go tell her his feelings, and get angry.


Alfieri is a character with a lawyer’s perspective, therefore a trusted perspective that helps us understand that a perspective should show justice.


Alfieri is a lawyer, and knows the law.


“Will you do that? Because there is no law, Eddie”


This supports my thesis because it shows that Alfieri knows the law, and is a lawyer, because he is a lawyer, he needs to be fair and therefore shows elements of justice.


Alfieri has a broad perspective and knows all the characters and their feelings.


who would watch the action, comment on it, and address the audience directly”


This supports my thesis because it shows that Alfieri has a broad perspective and knows the characters, because he watches the action of the characters and explains or adds comment for the audience to understand things further.


Miller purposely made Alfieri have a correct and fair perspective because Miller valued Justice


“Miller has said that he wanted to make this play a modern equivalent of classical Greek tragedy. In the ancient plays, an essential part was that of the chorus”


Miller could place his perspective in the mind of the character Alfieri by making him the chorus. He could then get his message of justice over through Alfieri.


The Thesis displays a trail of thought that Miller might have thought while creating the character Alfieri. He could perform a play while while expressing his perspective of a “correct” perspective.





5 Gedanken zu “A view from the Bridge

  1. Great job on your outline! I think it would have been effective if you used the different tragic terms (i.e Catharsis, Fate, or Tragic Flaw) in your different explanations of how your statements relate relate to your thesis.
    All of your claims support your thesis statement through the use of explanation and clear wording. I can tell that you used specific words to allow your statements to relate to your thesis. Your thesis also answers the guiding question, however I think it would be good if you were to include the Guiding Question in your blog post.
    None of your statements show any acknowledgement towards symbolism, theme, or motif. There was only mention of perspective, and not how Miller carried out this particular perspective.
    Great Job on the outline!

    Gefällt mir

  2. Hey Julie Mark here I just wanted to say that this outline is great because it looks at both important perspectives both Eddies view because he doesn’t want to let go of the one he loves but Alfieri which looks at not only the perspective of the law but also that it is what nature wants and as you say Alfieri has the “correct“ perspective and is trying to make Eddie see the correct view.

    Gefällt mir

  3. Hey there,

    firstly I have really enjoyed your piece of writing! You have quite a bit of information to offer and all in all it links up well with your thesis and points. Im afraid to say that you have not really included a tragic hero in your piece of writing and from my perspective it is a very big concept in this story so for next time try to find the key concepts of the story and include them into your writing. I like your first point because it links very well with your thesis, your evidence is valid and makes sense to the reader. your thesis answers the guiding question pretty well with additional information too. I think you could include more information about symbolism and embed further information on that topic to ensure your success in writing.
    Other than everything i just said great work 🙂 keep it up Jules


    Gefällt mir

  4. You didn’t include any tragic terms in your blog post, but, to be fair, I don’t think we were told that we needed to include any. I think you could have easily used anagnorisis in your blog post. In the extract, Alfieri knows exactly what will happen, but he knows he can’t stop it. Fate would have been easy to incorporate as well.
    „Miller purposely made Alfieri have a correct and fair perspective because Miller valued Justice.“ I think this is your strongest claim because it is an interesting statement that is backed up with some evidence. Your thesis doesn’t totally answer the guiding question. I think I know what you mean, but I would have phrased it a bit differently.
    I didn’t notice any theme or symbolism in your post. The motif you used was justice and perspective. Everything comes back to those two things. Overall, you made a good outline. The things I mentioned are easily fixed. It’s clear and organised. Keep up the good work!

    Gefällt mir

  5. You had a clear thesis and points explaining that thesis. I think that in your outline you could focus more on Tragedy, because Eddie makes a very bad decision which leads to fatal consequences even though he is a good person which is also one of the biggest Tragic Terms in the play. Most of your claims support your thesis very well and you metnion that Alfieri is used as a tool to help us understand his idea of justice. He also uses Alfieri to explain his own opinion on the things happening in the play. You showed that throughout your outline. Your thesis clearly answers the guiding question and you use it to help explain the theme. Your claims discuss the symbolism of justice, but I don’t see any claims of motifs.

    Gefällt mir

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