5 Beautiful Words

Hello World,

To me there are many beautiful words, both because of their meaning, the memories I associate with that word or because they sound engaging and pleasing. I have collected five of the most beautiful words, and I want to share them with you….


Hygge – this is a word from my mother tongue; danish. It’s a noun but can also be used as an adjective by saying hyggelig. Hygge is a feeling that cannot be translated into english, it’s the feeling of warmth, friendliness, relaxed and cozy, all in one. There is no word that really captures the essence of it, which is why I think it’s such a beautiful word. The glow from a candlelight might be hygge, being with friends and family is hygge, or snuggling up in the front of the TV with your loved ones around you, feeling relaxed and anything but stressed out, is hygge. To me, the scenario that comes up in my mind when I hear the word, would be sitting around a campfire at night, with blankets, feeling warm and roasting marshmallows. Seeing the glow from the fire lighting up everyone’s eyes, and just enjoying life.


Evergreen – the word itself feels funny to say, it’s like it’s a made up word, because it combines two very common words. But the beautifulness comes from the double meaning it has. Not only is a tree or a forest that stays green all year around a very beautiful sight, it also reminds me of my grandma. She loved the colour green and she decorated her house with everything green, from sofas to small vases with blooming flowers. She herself was also evergreen, google describes evergreen as having enduring freshness and succes. Unfortunately she was very young when she passed away, but she was very fresh and relaxed when she would invite all her eleven grandchildren to come and visit. In that way she was very successful, and I admire that.


Quingul – Though I don’t know how to pronounce it, because it’s in Aleut, the most commonly spoken language among the eskimos, it has a very beautiful and cute meaning. It means nose kiss or kiss on nose. Which I think is so cute and funny, it’s a word that does not exist in english, but I think it says a lot about the Inuit culture, because someone  thought it was necessary to have a word for this cute action.


Forelsket – This word is also in danish, it’s the adjective that describes being in love. When you in english might say I am in love then in danish you would say jeg er forelsket. I chose it to be part of this list because it’s a word that has a nice sound and cling to it. It also describes a very special and beautiful feeling that is very personal.


mellifluous – this word was a word that I didn’t know, simply because it’s not commonly used. It’s a word to describe a sound, a sound that is sweet sounding and pleasant to hear. The word itself has a range of sounds which come together and makes it a soft and kind of smooth listening experience. I would use this word to describe my dad’s voice when he is really interested. He starts to speak really slow and you can hear how he is really engaged, and that is definitely a mellifluous sound.