Dial ‚A‘ for Honesty

Hello World,


The past few weeks, Annebelle, Linda and I have been working on one of favourite projects so far; a movie. The movie is based on academic honesty and the use of Alfred Hitchcock’s 9 film techniques. If you want to check it out, click on the link Dial ‚A‘ for Honesty


In terms of coordinating this whole project, I think we used class time quite well. Our first lesson, Linda was not there, but Annebelle and I had a lot of time to brainstorm ideas and get some storyboards done. Through the whole process we kept a journal or an agenda for what we wanted to get done. I think the agenda could have helped if we were unorganized, but we stayed on task and had similar visions for the final product. Therefore, the agenda was rather more of a hassle to get done instead of it helping us to know what to do. Some days we finished early, and sometimes we went over time, but in the end, we had a lot fun doing it and I’m quite proud of what we achieved.

How we filmed birds eye view
Julie filming a high angled view of Linda

I was really excited to work with both Linda and Annebelle because they are both really nice and passionate. I find myself often taking the leader role, and this time I felt like I was a bit of a hassle. Both girls reassured me that I wasn’t at all, but it annoyed me when I directed them around. In that way, I guess you could say I was the director of the film, mostly because I had pretty clear visions of what I wanted the shots to look like, and luckily the girls agreed. When it comes to creative projects, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, which sometimes becomes a hassle, but often pays off well in the end. I therefore offered to do the editing part because, well, first of all then I could make sure I cut it like I wanted to, and I really enjoy seeing the quick and fascinating progress from raw material to a visual story. It might sound like I am really bossy, but I can reassure you that they both agreed on my ideas, and that they didn’t seem to mind it… 🙂

If you want to see our log and all documented pictures, click here and if you want to see our agenda and reflection for the first lesson, click here

Overall, I’m really happy with the finished result and with the group work we did. It was difficult to get all the techniques in there, but we succeeded which I am surprised by, but really happy with.

So now for you, to what extent is academic honesty important?




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