How to Make a Day

Hello World,


This is a post dedicated to #teacherappreciationweek, I would encourage you not to necessarily write, but at least think of a teacher that you look back on, and really admire.


Though I have had many teachers who have helped me on this journey, especially since I didn’t speak english when I came to my current school five years ago. There is one teacher who never taught me, but one who gave me a compliment that I still remember.


I had been in school for about five weeks, and I barely spoke any english. Me and my brother did a presentation in front of the whole school and some parents, so about 100 people. I remember my legs shaking, and my whole body felt like collapsing. To anyone who doesn’t know what it’s like to not speak the language that other people are speaking around you at the age of ten, then let me tell you, it’s terrible. Because you can’t understand any full sentences, and you can’t tell anyone how you feel or what you are thinking. It’s like being trapped in your own stupidity.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 19.48.29
my brother and I recently

But my little brother and I went up there, and tried our best, our best to remember what we learned but also to be ourselves. The presentation was about Denmark, not that it matters, but I remember that nationality is the only thing that defines you. (read more here) Maybe how you look, but other than that, there is no personality because you can’t really talk.


When the presentation was done, everyone went outside, and the parents talked, the kids played, and the teachers tried to look after them. I didn’t play. I stood right by my mum, like all the other kids who didn’t really get what was happening.

Though it is cliché, this teacher seemed like the light in a lot of darkness at that time. Also I really like this picture. (Explored, 23.March.2010)


This is where THE teacher comes in. Her name is Ms. McCowan, she has the biggest head of curls just like me, and she always seemed to be smiling. She came up to me and my mum, and she said “Wow, she should be journalist” And now, when I look back, I think of how she didn’t have to say that, she didn’t have to bother saying anything, but she did, and it made my day. And since then, everytime I present anything, I think of that. And it boosts my confidence, a lot. So thank you Ms. McCowan, and thank you for waving back the rare times I see you 🙂


The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions – the little, soon forgotten charities of a kiss or a smile, a kind look or heartfelt compliment. – Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Now for you, do you have anyone who deserves a kind throwback like this?






Eye candy from flickr

Explored. (2010, March 23). Retrieved May 03, 2016, from



2 Gedanken zu “How to Make a Day

  1. Hi Jules,

    What a touching reminder to all teachers of the positive impact those little comments make. And, it seems, that Ms McCowan was right – perhaps, with the way in which you plot and pace this post, you might indeed have a future as a journalist or writer!


    Mr Bruce

    Gefällt 1 Person

  2. Hi Julie!
    Ms Friedman sent me the link to this blogpost – and now you’ve just made my day!
    I still remember that presentation you gave and every time I see you I think of it. I still think you should be a journalist or a news reporter or some kind of person who presents ideas because you’re so good at it!

    I’m so glad that my compliment meant something to you – but more importantly, I’m telling you that I don’t give compliments unless I really mean them. I gave you the compliment because I think you have a gift! Of course, we all have gifts … the hardest thing is to identify these gifts. That’s why we need others sometimes, to point out the gifts that we find hard to see in ourselves.

    And thank you for pointing out a gift of mine – big smile (and hair!) and hopefully helping students to realise their potential. We teachers rarely know if what we say helps students to know how gifted they are.

    Next time I see you I’ll probably do more than wave. Get ready for a big American-style hug!

    Mrs. McCowan 🙂

    Gefällt mir

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