Catching Catchy Copy Cat

Hello World,

This post is a film review that I worked on, and I forgot to post it in pure excitement when I finished… oops… BUT, here it is, in the style of a Slate article.

Watching movies on a friday night, has been a ritual in many families for years. It opens up an opportunity to be together and keeps everyone entertained. Some might see this concept as an inefficient way of spending time, just to be entertained with a story that will be forgotten shortly after. But a group of young people recently released an educational video to the “IB academic honesty film competition” Before clicking away and thinking “Oh, I know about that, whatever” I must say, the film is really absorbing and thought provoking.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 16.05.23.png
Jake (Mark S.) and Chloe (Merije D.) 

The film is based on Alfred Hitchcock’s film techniques, produced and directed by all four group members. The movie is thoughtfully done, with great attention to detail and detailed shots that portray the efficiency of the Hitchcockian techniques. The film is called To Catch a Copycat and it shows why it’s important to be academic honest through a dramatic experience of one of the main characters: Jake. The film reminds me of the kind hearted but yet inspiring movie Kindness is Contagious which I watched a few years back, it leaves me with the same message, that thinking of your actions and what effect they have on others, good or bad, is really powerful.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 16.05.43.png
Jake is confronted by the teacher (Liya B.)

The first few scenes introduces the main two characters Jake (Mark S.) and Chloe (Merije D.) Chloe is portrayed at the stereotypical, perfect student. She has several diplomas and achievements out of school such as Riding for Charity while still keeping all her tests and assignments at a straight A+ level. Though Jake is not introduced as any specific character, he is the one who gets the blame for copying an essay. He is confronted with that by a third character, where he then tells him his side of the story. He explains that Chloe copied his essay and that he now needs to take revenge.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 16.05.57.png
A carefully thought out plan for the revenge

The movie ends in a rather unexpected way, it is slightly confusing because it shows that Chloe benefitted from cheating whereas Jake is then punished with a lower grade. Though it goes against the academic honesty theme, it also leaves the audience thinking that maybe Jake wasn’t being honest and that Chloe really is the perfect student? It needs to be watched to find out.

To Catch a Copycat
Overall, it’s short and educational, though it might not last a whole friday night, it does leave a message that’s not forgotten.

All pictures are from To Catch a Copycat, 11. April 2016





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