Preparing for the Unknown

Hello World,

How do you prepare for the something that is unknown? I’m specifically questioning preparing for the future. What skills do we need in a world that we know nothing about? It’s not because we lack experience, we just don’t know about the opportunities that haven’t been invented yet. No, not exactly a flying car builder, but along those lines. Are we a generation without skills for the future?


Malcolm X once said “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” Some part of this is very true, that to be successful one must have an education. In the past century, everything has changed, the future holds so much for us. The amount of new jobs is unimaginable, because eventually we will be working with things that don’t exist today. We don’t have to be strong and learn the skills to hunt anymore, but we need to now how to communicate and build on our ideas This is where skills of the future come in. They are nine skills that are believed to be important in the future. By the time this generation graduates, most communication in work and life will happen visually.
Our future will rely on communicating visually with open minds and self-knowledge,  and an ability to learn and to love it.
So let’s see, how prepared am I for this future thing….
I will be comparing two assessments I have done in the past year. If you have read my blog before, you might have come across them. The first one is dial ‚A‘ for honesty a short film about academic honesty I made with two other girls in the beginning of April this year. The other one is a Getting Closer interpretation that dates back to October.
In the future, communicating our thoughts will happen visually. Both of these assessments are interpretations of a story, and they are both in a video format. Communicating is not new, it’s one of the first skills we learn from the moment we open our eyes. Even when we couldn’t talk, we still communicated, we cried or we pointed. But in the future, we need to think differently. How do we get something out to people? Visually seems to be the way.
Both assessments communicate thought and process, they explain ideas that can’t be described with words. Such as the time passing and the rubric cube completing in Getting Closer . They explain a scenario that is relatable and they let you reflect on your own thoughts being provoked by them. This is specifically the dial ‚A‘ for honesty. But to learn anything from this, we need to know how to learn. Learn to learn, another one of the nine skills. We need to know that the thoughts that come into our minds are ideas and creations that are potentially beneficial. Knowing and practicing what to do with these thoughts will prepare us for the future.
Our self-knowledge and creativity will build our base.
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2 Gedanken zu “Preparing for the Unknown

  1. Hello, I would like to begin my feedback with telling you that I really liked your post. When reading your post I found that it mainly focused on the future and the two assessments which then lead me, the reader to find that the future will heavily rely on communication in different forms such as videos, and tell me that we should begin to practise and prepare for this future.

    I found that your choice of where to put the quote as well as your incorporation of the quote to be very good and could probably not have been done better. I however think that you could have used some more colours to draw attention to certain points in your post. A couple words I think could have been coloured would be „communication visually“, „open minded“, „self knowledge“ and „ability to learn“

    A question that I think you could ask at the end of your post would be „What assessments have prepared you for this future?“

    If I had to chose one best part of this post it would be your hyperlinks to the assessment you talked about as it made it easier for me to understand.


  2. Hi Julie, it’s Sophia
    When reading your post, the essence of your comparison focuses on your Academic Honesty film and the getting closer interpretation. By comparing these two things, you uncover thinking about visual communication that is important because of its growing importance. The most interesting choice you’ve made in terms of visual communication is put your quote in italics. To level up on your design, you could also make your main points stand out by changing color, font, size, etc. A question you might want to think about in relation to your line of thinking is „Do you enjoy communicating visually?“ The BEST thing about your post is when you say that communication is the first thing we learn after breathing.
    I would love to read the rest of your post if you finish it. Great work so far!


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