The Winner of Losing

Hello World,


Arguments are often viewed as a sign of negative disagreement. I used to think that arguing was a sign of an unhealthy relationship, or people’s stubbornness to see things from a different perspective. I did however, see arguments as a sign of people standing up for something they believe in, even though they might not know if they were wrong or right. People argue because they want other people to agree with them on their point of view. But I didn’t really see arguments as a necessity for a healthy community.

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We learn from losing an argument, they shape the way we think. But as one of my classmates said, it would be weird if we all thought the same and didn’t disagree on anything. I do question though if the world would be easier though this way. Because most of our world history started from arguments. What are you thoughts?


And next time you are in an argument, if you are proved wrong, show respect and accept it, and take it as a learning opportunity.






Jules takes over Holland

“All learning should take place outside the classroom.”


Hello World,


I went on a cheeky trip last week to Holland. I went with my school on PDW, we were 6 boats with about 20 people in each. Our boat was called Koh-i-Noor, it was quite a cool boat.


My favourite moment on the whole trip was on the last night when me and my best friend took our duvets out on the deck. Then we ate brownies and stargazed, and we laughed the entire time. Some of the dutch girls on our boat joined us later to play cards against humanity.

Photo credits to Darius S.

PDW in 3 words: experiencing the boatlife  – because, well, that’s what we did. #goals


I thought it was challenging to work together as a team with people I didn’t know very well. Throughout the week we got to know each other better, which meant that I made new friendships and working with the other crew members got easier.


The #boatlifetrip was great but it wasn’t as adventurous as the previous years. We didn’t have as many exciting activities.


If you are going on the same kind of trip; remember sudoko and card games. You will eventually get addicted to both.


3 things I learned about myself on this trip;  I am more patient with people than I thought, I don’t enjoy going too much with the flow, I prefer having a plan ahead of the day. And, I’m good a quick showers.


Referring to the quote at the top of the post, “All learning should take place outside the classroom.” I agree with this statement to a certain extent. I believe it is important to teach students certain things outside the classroom. Such as life lessons that need to be experienced rather than taught by words. Examples of this include pushing boundaries and accepting certain situations. But not all learning should take place outside the classroom, because the classroom sets a certain atmosphere that puts the students in the right mindset and prepares them to learn.

I think the what I discussed above is a controversial subject, if you want to explore it further, I would recommend looking at this TED talk by Ken Robinson (0r watch it now above). He talks about how it is important to create conditions for children to flourish using their natural talents.

Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂