The Glory of Success

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Today, I will be sharing with you a little bit of some humanities work about Stalin’s time in Russia.

Dr Hewlett Johnson, a christian communist visited the USSR in 1939. He was the Dean of the Canterbury Cathedral. When he arrived in the Soviet Union, he noticed how there was no fear. He found that there was indeed a lack of fear, such as the fear for economic reasons, work overload, health and education. The view that he got of Russia was, was wonderland like.

The reason Russia was doing so proficient, was because of Stalin’s five year plan that started in 1927, and continued to 1933, with then a second five year plan until 1937. Stalin’s goal was to make Russia a self sufficient and independent country by increasing the production of resources. He did this by developing the production of steel, coal and agriculture. He set goals that were almost impossible to achieve, though it did lead Russia to economic success. This brought Glory to Stalin, but the Russian population was miserable.

Stalin was using industrialization and collectivization to increase the amount of resources. He moved workers from their home to other regions when they needed more workers. People were fined if they could not meet the target that was set, this put a lot of pressure on them. Some regions in Russia were not made for agriculture, and these regions often didn’t produce enough food. Since the government took what they had, they didn’t have enough to feed themselves. Therefore, many people suffered from malnutrition.

In essence, the state of Russia in 1939 was masked in glory of economic success, which gave Stalin a lot of credibility and power. If one hadn’t known what was really going on with the Russian population, one might have believed Dr Johnson when he said that Russia was a wonderland.






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