Enhance or Destroy?

Hello World,

Can a remix enhance the original?

The simple answer is yes. There are many songs that just become a bit more catchy if they have a new good beat to them. An example would be the song Cheerleader by OMI written in 2012. It simply didn’t do as well as he had expected when he released it to the public. Then in 2014, Felix Jaehn, who is one of the most skilled and famous music remixers, decided to remix the song and it became Billboard’s number 1 song in the Summer of 2015. Sounds cool? Listen to the Cheerleader Remix here.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 19.14.27.png

As stated in this video, “Everything is a remix” and he proves that to be true. Most films, books and comics are based off films, books, comics, experiences, TV shows or plays, and all of them are created with the director’s own spin. Are we copying and stealing other people’s ideas because we’ve run out of creativity? Or are we just inspired to do our own spin?

I think we are inspired. Mostly because our creativity is dependent on our past experiences and opinions, and therefore we view a movie or a book differently than someone else. That’s why the same movie concept, such as the Romeo and Juliet idea, can be repeated, because the director changes something to make it fit their visions. Another reason we recreate or get inspired to do our own spin, is because the ideas are good. Like, really good. So why start over, when we can remix?

Another reason for remixing, is seeing potential in something. That is what Felix Jaehn did with Cheerleader and he made it a massive hit. Over all, a remix can enhance the original to a great extent, but it is important to remember where the idea came from, and accept that not every movie or book is a new invention. What do you think? And, leave an example of a really good remix, maybe even say why you like it?

If you want to see my ‘remix’ (aka interpretation) of the short story Getting Closer from last year, click here.



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