Developing to Develop

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Last year, I was a progressing english student, this year, I’m an experimental english student. In 8th grade, I played it safe, I wrote my essays based on clear and inspirational themes, I used vocabulary I had learned, but always keeping it to something I knew would be appreciated. This year, I’m trying to experiment, with my own thoughts and always challenging myself to come up with new ideas.

I’m trying to find new vocabulary that describes exactly the point I’m trying to make. Last year, everything was good or bad. This year, it’s kind-hearted or destructive, and everything in between. I try to use new vocabulary, mostly by looking it up or from hearing it or seeing it being used. It’s difficult having english as a second language and then being expected to write and efficiently use words you have never actually heard of.

So why have I developed this way? What is the reason for this? I think the main factor, is the teacher. Both my english teachers taught me well, and taught me to develop, but this year, I get to be more creative. I am challenged to explain my thoughts on my ideas, rather than giving my thoughts on an idea. No doubt it’s more demanding, but it gives me better results, because I get to be creative with my thoughts.




Catching Catchy Copy Cat

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This post is a film review that I worked on, and I forgot to post it in pure excitement when I finished… oops… BUT, here it is, in the style of a Slate article.

Watching movies on a friday night, has been a ritual in many families for years. It opens up an opportunity to be together and keeps everyone entertained. Some might see this concept as an inefficient way of spending time, just to be entertained with a story that will be forgotten shortly after. But a group of young people recently released an educational video to the “IB academic honesty film competition” Before clicking away and thinking “Oh, I know about that, whatever” I must say, the film is really absorbing and thought provoking.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 16.05.23.png
Jake (Mark S.) and Chloe (Merije D.) 

The film is based on Alfred Hitchcock’s film techniques, produced and directed by all four group members. The movie is thoughtfully done, with great attention to detail and detailed shots that portray the efficiency of the Hitchcockian techniques. The film is called To Catch a Copycat and it shows why it’s important to be academic honest through a dramatic experience of one of the main characters: Jake. The film reminds me of the kind hearted but yet inspiring movie Kindness is Contagious which I watched a few years back, it leaves me with the same message, that thinking of your actions and what effect they have on others, good or bad, is really powerful.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 16.05.43.png
Jake is confronted by the teacher (Liya B.)

The first few scenes introduces the main two characters Jake (Mark S.) and Chloe (Merije D.) Chloe is portrayed at the stereotypical, perfect student. She has several diplomas and achievements out of school such as Riding for Charity while still keeping all her tests and assignments at a straight A+ level. Though Jake is not introduced as any specific character, he is the one who gets the blame for copying an essay. He is confronted with that by a third character, where he then tells him his side of the story. He explains that Chloe copied his essay and that he now needs to take revenge.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 16.05.57.png
A carefully thought out plan for the revenge

The movie ends in a rather unexpected way, it is slightly confusing because it shows that Chloe benefitted from cheating whereas Jake is then punished with a lower grade. Though it goes against the academic honesty theme, it also leaves the audience thinking that maybe Jake wasn’t being honest and that Chloe really is the perfect student? It needs to be watched to find out.

To Catch a Copycat
Overall, it’s short and educational, though it might not last a whole friday night, it does leave a message that’s not forgotten.

All pictures are from To Catch a Copycat, 11. April 2016




How to Make a Day

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This is a post dedicated to #teacherappreciationweek, I would encourage you not to necessarily write, but at least think of a teacher that you look back on, and really admire.


Though I have had many teachers who have helped me on this journey, especially since I didn’t speak english when I came to my current school five years ago. There is one teacher who never taught me, but one who gave me a compliment that I still remember.


I had been in school for about five weeks, and I barely spoke any english. Me and my brother did a presentation in front of the whole school and some parents, so about 100 people. I remember my legs shaking, and my whole body felt like collapsing. To anyone who doesn’t know what it’s like to not speak the language that other people are speaking around you at the age of ten, then let me tell you, it’s terrible. Because you can’t understand any full sentences, and you can’t tell anyone how you feel or what you are thinking. It’s like being trapped in your own stupidity.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 19.48.29
my brother and I recently

But my little brother and I went up there, and tried our best, our best to remember what we learned but also to be ourselves. The presentation was about Denmark, not that it matters, but I remember that nationality is the only thing that defines you. (read more here) Maybe how you look, but other than that, there is no personality because you can’t really talk.


When the presentation was done, everyone went outside, and the parents talked, the kids played, and the teachers tried to look after them. I didn’t play. I stood right by my mum, like all the other kids who didn’t really get what was happening.

Though it is cliché, this teacher seemed like the light in a lot of darkness at that time. Also I really like this picture. (Explored, 23.March.2010)


This is where THE teacher comes in. Her name is Ms. McCowan, she has the biggest head of curls just like me, and she always seemed to be smiling. She came up to me and my mum, and she said “Wow, she should be journalist” And now, when I look back, I think of how she didn’t have to say that, she didn’t have to bother saying anything, but she did, and it made my day. And since then, everytime I present anything, I think of that. And it boosts my confidence, a lot. So thank you Ms. McCowan, and thank you for waving back the rare times I see you 🙂


The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions – the little, soon forgotten charities of a kiss or a smile, a kind look or heartfelt compliment. – Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Now for you, do you have anyone who deserves a kind throwback like this?






Eye candy from flickr

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Dial ‚A‘ for Honesty

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The past few weeks, Annebelle, Linda and I have been working on one of favourite projects so far; a movie. The movie is based on academic honesty and the use of Alfred Hitchcock’s 9 film techniques. If you want to check it out, click on the link Dial ‚A‘ for Honesty


In terms of coordinating this whole project, I think we used class time quite well. Our first lesson, Linda was not there, but Annebelle and I had a lot of time to brainstorm ideas and get some storyboards done. Through the whole process we kept a journal or an agenda for what we wanted to get done. I think the agenda could have helped if we were unorganized, but we stayed on task and had similar visions for the final product. Therefore, the agenda was rather more of a hassle to get done instead of it helping us to know what to do. Some days we finished early, and sometimes we went over time, but in the end, we had a lot fun doing it and I’m quite proud of what we achieved.

How we filmed birds eye view
Julie filming a high angled view of Linda

I was really excited to work with both Linda and Annebelle because they are both really nice and passionate. I find myself often taking the leader role, and this time I felt like I was a bit of a hassle. Both girls reassured me that I wasn’t at all, but it annoyed me when I directed them around. In that way, I guess you could say I was the director of the film, mostly because I had pretty clear visions of what I wanted the shots to look like, and luckily the girls agreed. When it comes to creative projects, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, which sometimes becomes a hassle, but often pays off well in the end. I therefore offered to do the editing part because, well, first of all then I could make sure I cut it like I wanted to, and I really enjoy seeing the quick and fascinating progress from raw material to a visual story. It might sound like I am really bossy, but I can reassure you that they both agreed on my ideas, and that they didn’t seem to mind it… 🙂

If you want to see our log and all documented pictures, click here and if you want to see our agenda and reflection for the first lesson, click here

Overall, I’m really happy with the finished result and with the group work we did. It was difficult to get all the techniques in there, but we succeeded which I am surprised by, but really happy with.

So now for you, to what extent is academic honesty important?



What if doodles mattered?

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This week I have been working on creating and narrating a doodle. Though squiggling on paper and colouring in is fun, I found it difficult to take myself seriously when I was narrating it. Well, this video explores the idea and concept of doodles, feel free to check it out and I hope you enjoy it. Do you think doodles matter? And, do you ever like to doodle?

doodles - english



5 Beautiful Words

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To me there are many beautiful words, both because of their meaning, the memories I associate with that word or because they sound engaging and pleasing. I have collected five of the most beautiful words, and I want to share them with you….


Hygge – this is a word from my mother tongue; danish. It’s a noun but can also be used as an adjective by saying hyggelig. Hygge is a feeling that cannot be translated into english, it’s the feeling of warmth, friendliness, relaxed and cozy, all in one. There is no word that really captures the essence of it, which is why I think it’s such a beautiful word. The glow from a candlelight might be hygge, being with friends and family is hygge, or snuggling up in the front of the TV with your loved ones around you, feeling relaxed and anything but stressed out, is hygge. To me, the scenario that comes up in my mind when I hear the word, would be sitting around a campfire at night, with blankets, feeling warm and roasting marshmallows. Seeing the glow from the fire lighting up everyone’s eyes, and just enjoying life.


Evergreen – the word itself feels funny to say, it’s like it’s a made up word, because it combines two very common words. But the beautifulness comes from the double meaning it has. Not only is a tree or a forest that stays green all year around a very beautiful sight, it also reminds me of my grandma. She loved the colour green and she decorated her house with everything green, from sofas to small vases with blooming flowers. She herself was also evergreen, google describes evergreen as having enduring freshness and succes. Unfortunately she was very young when she passed away, but she was very fresh and relaxed when she would invite all her eleven grandchildren to come and visit. In that way she was very successful, and I admire that.


Quingul – Though I don’t know how to pronounce it, because it’s in Aleut, the most commonly spoken language among the eskimos, it has a very beautiful and cute meaning. It means nose kiss or kiss on nose. Which I think is so cute and funny, it’s a word that does not exist in english, but I think it says a lot about the Inuit culture, because someone  thought it was necessary to have a word for this cute action.


Forelsket – This word is also in danish, it’s the adjective that describes being in love. When you in english might say I am in love then in danish you would say jeg er forelsket. I chose it to be part of this list because it’s a word that has a nice sound and cling to it. It also describes a very special and beautiful feeling that is very personal.


mellifluous – this word was a word that I didn’t know, simply because it’s not commonly used. It’s a word to describe a sound, a sound that is sweet sounding and pleasant to hear. The word itself has a range of sounds which come together and makes it a soft and kind of smooth listening experience. I would use this word to describe my dad’s voice when he is really interested. He starts to speak really slow and you can hear how he is really engaged, and that is definitely a mellifluous sound.




Life of Jules – an autobiography

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This week in English, we have been working on a presentation about our life so far. I chose seven main points in my life, from the day I was born till now. I hope you enjoy learning a little bit more about me, and my life!

Life of Jules <— my presentation


I was born on a cold Friday the 26th of January. I was born on a hospital close to the capital city of Denmark, but it wasn’t easy. When I came out, I was 42 cm long, with a weight of only 1 ½ kg. I was born two months early, because my mum was getting very sick. When I came out, one of my lungs collapsed, and the other one was starting to. Today, it’s a big part of me, I have scars from the many operations I had, and my whole personality is build upon the fact that when I was just a few days hold, I lifted my head, and the doctor said “Don’t worry, she can make it. She is strong” a quote my mum and dad repeat when I feel like there is something I can’t do.


The best thing that has ever happened to me, was when my brother was born. He was born on the 1st of July 2003, making me 2 ½ years old. Like me, he was born at the same hospital, but at the right time. We are not far apart in age, which makes us nearly like best friends. Sometimes he is extremely annoying, but I’m happy he is here, because he is the best brother I could ask for.


My grandparents on my dad’s side, own an apartment in Engadin in Switzerland, when I lived in Denmark, my family came there once or twice a year, often to ski. The first time I was on skis, was when I was 3 years old. As you can see, I’m trying to keep my balance using my arms and my pink gloves. I have soon been skiing for over 11 years, and I love it. The feeling of control feels really good, and the feeling you get when you put the weight on your legs just right. When I was in 7th grade I joined the school’s ski team. I was the only girl, and even though I was nervous, and I wasn’t that good at racing yet, I enjoyed every second, and today, some of my best friends are from that time.


In August 2007, I started school in a town close to where our new house was. We had just moved from my childhood home, and moved to a town near by. But it was far enough for me to be in a different community, and away from the few people I knew in Kindergarten. When I started in school, I didn’t know anyone, and it was difficult getting to know people, because they weren’t very inclusive. I learned to read and write quickly, and after a year, I was at the top of my class. In Denmark, when you are above or below average, you are seen as a hassle, you are put on standby, until the others reach your level. I wanted to learn more, but it wasn’t going to happen. A few years after that, I started ballet. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t the kind of dancing I had imagined, it was too strict. I guess, I was quite a stereotypical girl, I did ballet, I was good at school and was well behaved, and though it might not seem relevant now, it caused a major change later.


Four years after I started school, in August 2011, I started school in Switzerland. The news of moving to Switzerland for a year were delivered, when I made a “surprise cake.” I called it this because it was a cake with berries but you couldn’t see the berries because of a layer of thin layer of cake on top. I was devastated, I cried myself to sleep many night in a row, until I realised that it was only for a year, and I started to see all the benefits I would get from it. I started at the Luzern in 5th grade, I had never  spoken english before, and all of a sudden, going from the best kid in the class to the kid who always had a teacher beside her, trying to explain what was happening. one year became two years, and two years became three years. We then accepted that we would just have to take a year at a time until we got tired of it. So far we haven’t, and I am expecting to finish school here at ISZL.


In 7th grade I moved to the Zug campus, and it took a while to get used to, but I really liked it after a while. Since I’m danish, I was invited to be in the Lucia festival, where I got closer to Nikoline. She is the only other danish 9th grader, and we are best friends. I enjoy every second with her, which is mostly spent in laughter. Many of my other friends are thanks to her, because she introduced them to me.


The last point in my life so far, was the 15th of August 2015. In Denmark, a religious celebration takes place when the person is around 15 years old. A confirmation. This is when the young person confirms their babtisment, but this is now nearly a part of the culture.
This was the Life of Jules so far, and I hope you enjoyed learning more about me. Thank you!